Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Death by chocolate, beer and hamburgers

My pals tease that we are going to have to write a book and call it

"death by chocolate, beer and hamburgers"

I'll feed mine chocolate
The one who's husband is an alcoholic is going to pour beer down him
And another one who's husband has high cholesterol is going to stuff hamburgers down him.

Could be the perfect crime novel!!!

I think it's the laughter of good friends that get me through the bad times.

So my advice might be to surround yourself with women who can support you and be there for you when life falls apart.

I probably have not mentioned here the incredibly amazing network of female friends that I have where I live. They totally understand my situation and can often recognize a low before I do.

But more than anything, they bring laughter into my life.

And laughter heals so much!

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