Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Maybe this is the answer......

I don't know, but I'm sitting here giggling. I have given my husband a HUGE project to do. I'm off to present at an international conference next week and I actually managed to put together a movie with 16 tutorials in it. So I asked him if he could produce it as a DVD with titles, chapters....just like a real DVD. And that I would put his name in the credits as "producer".

He has been so happy all week! He bought some new equipment that writes the title right on the cover of the DVD and of course, it was too long for a normal DVD so he ordered in some new dual layer DVDs. He has had setbacks...but he has kept at it and today managed to get 10 done and they are just perfect!

So maybe the answer is to load him up with tons and tons of things to do that he enjoys (he loves anything to do with animation and movies) and he won't have time to get "low". It seems to have worked for the past 4 days!

And I have to say that other than the intro segment where you can see me talking....the entire DVD is extremely professional! I'm tickled with the results and I think he's as pleased as can be. I will just keep the compliments coming in as it gets distributed at the conference next week.

I've already told him that when I get home in 3 weeks, I want to do a second DVD with more advanced technique he's out looking for better equipment to help him through the process!!!

Funny guy!


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that works for you. As for me, I wrote to you earlier this week that my dh had two low sugar twice while driving with me during the last 7 days. Well, last night he had a MAJOR low. I got home about 9:30 pm and didn't realize at first that he was low, he chatted (a little more than usual - I should have figured it out based on that :|) But then I looked at his eyes and realized he was low and asked him to check his blood. He did and told me it was 135. I believed him (why am I so stupid?) As it got to 11 pm he just kept getting worse, saying weirder and weirder things.

So I tried to get him to test again, but he said his glucose monitor was broken and he wouldn't let me get close to his pump which has a testing device on it. I couldn't find a spare device either.

Frankly, he is just too strong for me and I can't fight him. But I don't need to test him to know he is low -- his behavior and the way he looks is enough for me. something is terribly wrong.

So, I told him if everything was broken I would take him to the hospital, they have working devices. No, that wasn't ok with him. so, I said I would call 911. No, that's not ok. So I gave him OJ. He threw it on the floor. Was I trying to kill him? too much sugar is the problem -- he thinks he is high.

well, I have seen him high and I've seen him low, and let me tell you. He was low -- very low.

Finally we got what MAYBE was a fairly accurate test and this was about 20 minutes after maybe 4 oz of OJ. His glucose was 53.

Then he decided it was 11 pm and time for bed. So he turned off all the lights and went to bed. Ignoring me completely. Frankly, I don't know how he made it up the stairs, I thought he was going to fall back down.

But I stayed calm, he kept asking me what time it was, what day it was, and even what year it was. Geez. by this time, I'm exhausted, my work is really stressful right now, my father is dying of cancer, and my mom is really depressed. why does he do this what always seems like the worst times to me?

So he went to sleep and was up all night making sure he was alive. I know I'm not supposed to do that. That if he chooses to do this to himself I can't change this. but, its just so hard.

thanks for letting me "talk" to someone who really understands. when I told my sister a shortened version all she said was, this is really old isn't it. I didn't hear much sympathy in her voice. Nor, as you reference, much humor.

thank you for giving me the forum to share.

tom's wife.