Saturday, April 21, 2012

The ridiculous stuff in life

This has been just the worst week ever.  I am completely exhausted from packing, sorting, cleaning.  We've had a showing on our home almost every day, and today, there were 2 showing.  I also had a huge garage sale today.  I will never have another one - ever.  Just too much work.  I got rid of so much stuff and made a ton of money....but I think I will just give it all to goodwill from now on.

Hubby is a thousand miles away visiting his parents.  For all intense purposes, they have shut me out.  He told me he would be by his phone all day today in case I had questions about his stuff.  Not once did he answer when I called him.  Beyond frustrating.

Then he called me this evening and I was hurting so much I simply did not get out of my chair to go get the phone.  After 10 minutes he texted, "I guess you are too busy to talk to me".

Holy cow!!!  I nearly flipped out!  After 20 calls to him that he did not answer he texts that because I didn't answer his call?

It's not been a pleasant evening around here to say the least!  He knows he was wrong and he has tried every sob story in the book to get out of this one!  I finally just told him I'm too tired to deal with anything and I need a night off - which is exactly what I'm doing.

To top it of, he has not responded to my emails about the house we are negotiating to purchase.  I'm sure he just wants to wait until he gets home to discuss it.  I'd rather get it done while he's gone.  Just know that I am so physically worn down.....I may not make it.  I am more than concerned for my own health.  I don't know how long I can continue to do the negotiations on the sale of this house, the purchase of a new home, pack, sort, lift/carry boxes, bring loads up from the basement and down from the second is truly overwhelming.  I am praying that this is just a one night thing and that tomorrow will be a new day and I'll have another ounce of energy.  But tonight - I have spent everything that I have.  Simply exhausted beyond belief.

7:45 and I'm going to go to bed.  I'll be awake at 3 am!  LOL!!!



Lilly said...

Sounds like you sleep about as well as I do . . . really hope you can get some rest tonight! Why do our hubbies always try to hang all the blame on us? Sounds like texts I have gotten from mine. So frustrating. I guess if you make a decision he doesn't like, that will just be too bad, given that he is not communicating with you. Hang in there, and take care of yourself tonight . . .


Lilly said...

Diabetes Wife,

I keep thinking of your concern about not enough space to "get away" when you move to a smaller house. I don't know if it is possible for you, but it would be perfect if you could find a place that still affords you your own private space, as I'm thinking you will really need it! Maybe there was a reason your offer on the cottage didn't go through, and there is something else out there better suited to your needs. Here's hoping . . .

Hang in there,