Sunday, April 15, 2012

How does time fly???

It just seems to zip by here! Last minute change of plans, he flew to see his parents rather than the 2 of us making the horrible 15 hour drive. A huge relief for me!!

We havent heard if the seller signed the contract yet. Giving the realtor til tomorrow to call me back.

I am packing like crazy while attempting to keep the house clean for showings.

Hubby's glucose dose is now at 50u in the am and 50 u in the evenings. Remember that he takes the concentrated insulin which is 5 times regular insulin. So he's taking 250u of regular insulin morning and night and his numbers are still hovering 200 - 250. Sure seems like a ton of insulin!!

I am enjoying the break from his diabetes. Enjoying the solitude. Had a genealogy meeting and a board meeting today. A showing in the morning. Art pal coming over later tomorrow...turning out to be a busy week.

Hope all of you have a good one!



Anonymous said...

My Tom hasn't heard of "concentrated" insulin. He also advises me that if someone needs that much insulin -- why isn't he on a regimen where he is taking smaller doses more often during the day?

He doesn't pretend to know anything about Type 2
but based on his Type 1 -- you are correct that sounds like a huge amount to insulin

Diabeteswife said...

TW. Hubby refuses to take more than 2 shots a day and for the longest time, he refused to do more than 1 shot. That's why so much. And he cannot do a pump because he will not clean it. I think his docs are slowly wising up to him. Concentrated insulin is used in these cases. You can google my blog - I think I explained the conversion formula last year when they nearly killed him in the hospital. :o)