Thursday, April 12, 2012

What stress does

I now have a tiny nodule on my right breast. A little surprised it hasn't happened sooner. He's had a Heart attack, bypass, spinal fusion, laid off.....only makes sense that I get a cyst. Will do a needle biopsy on 4/24. Told him I simply have to take all the stress out of my life. And he's been great this week. He leaves in the morning to fly to visit his parents for the next 10 days. I need this break. I sure hope he does well traveling - but I can't concern myself with his health any longer.

We are back in negotiations on the house we like and may close as early as 4/26. Wouldn't that be amazing??

So I hope to get the entire house packed while he is gone.

I sure am going to be busy!! But I promise I'll take a couple of long hot baths!!



Anonymous said...

Whew! It never ends does it?
Take good care!

Lilly said...

Please do take care of yourself. Probably shouldn't say this, but here's an evil thought: maybe he'll stay with his parents, and they can all make each other miserable!

Take care,


Mary said...

Take care of yourself. Stress does horrible things to the body.