Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The ups and downs of post surgery

Yesterday morning, he took 22 cc of humulin and he was only supposed to take 20. I was wondering why he got confused...and then remembered that this can happen post surgery. So of course, he had a couple of major lows in the early afternoon. And I don't think he recognized them coming on. So I am ever so grateful that he is now testing on a very regular basis.

He was pretty depressed most of yesterday as well. But today, he woke up in a much better mood. He actually did his 30 minute exercise without a reminder. And he maintained his fairly good spirits most of the day.

We got a call from vascular therapy that he has been referred for a NIVA - non invasive vascular assessment for his spine. And then a consult with that department once the ultrasound is done. A 2 hour ultrasound! That should prove interesting since he can't stay in one position for more than about 5 minutes without pain.

The gout infection has cleared up and he is finishing up the rest of his prednisone burst. I am so far behind on charting, but will get that caught up tomorrow.

My sis is here visiting this week and I'm getting some much needed "therapy". She is working hard to get me back motivated to do some art, so that is great.

All-in-all it was a good day today. :o)


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