Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I do love the nurses and doctors at our hospital! We had him laughing right up til the moment they wheeled him into surgery. Of course, they do not take photos here...so I jokingly said that I would, whipped out my iphone...and have several of his foot.

Truthfully? I am shocked they are continuing on with the operation. His foot healed up this week at sea level...and there is nothing but a tiny little bump. It looks better than it ever has. Yet they are still going to operate. With the warning that it may not do a bit of good.

They were talking about his DNR. Neither one of us wants to end up on life support at any phase of our life. But we were informed that now adays, they suspend DNRs during surgery because levels can fall so low...but they can bring you back so quick. The DNR only becomes effective once the patient leaves post-op. Wow! I did not know that!!! 15 years ago, my dad went into surgery with a DNR that they did not honor. He had 2 heart attacks on the table....and when they brought him back...he remained on life support for the next 6 weeks until we were able to hire attorneys to force the DNR into effect. I just don't ever want to go through that again. Yet at the same time...I have learned the power of attorneys when it comes to a DNR.

I do love the thoroughness of this hospital. But I don't like the new numbering system. The patient is given a number. It goes up on an electronic board. I sit here and watch as his number changes colors as he goes through the phases of surgery. Right now, he is in the operating room and scheduled to come out to post op at 1:30 pm. Then he turns a different color (ok...the number on the board turns a different color...NOT him! LOL) My biggest problem...the numbers on the board are too small for my eyes to see! I have to squint my eyes and step backwards and forwards until I can get to where I can see what it says....readers just don't help for a digital screen about 12' up on the wall!

So, here I sit in the surgery waiting room. There must be 30 people in here. Not quiet...quite noisy in fact. I'm alone...except for my laptop that keeps me connected to the outside world. And I'm looking around me wondering just how many other relatives and friends are sitting here waiting because the patient is a person who will not take care of their own health.

The good thing in all of this is that I am more and more determined to take better and better care of me. I do not ever want to be at the point where I am having surgery for something that I could have prevented. It's just not worth it!

On the other hand..I'm sitthing here with his wallet...all of his credit cards...perhaps I should go shopping online! LOLOL!!!

DW - needs to find her own humor in all of this!


Anonymous said...

Hi DW,
Hope all is well with the surgery. Take care of yourself!

(I say have at it with the online shopping!)

Jean said...

Hugs to you. As long as you keep cracking jokes, I know you're okay :)

I will spare you details of the craziness around here until another time.

Here's wishing hubby a speedy recovery!

Diabeteswife said...

Surgery went perfect. They did find some gout crystals that they removed, shaved off a little bit of bone and then stitched him up. The doctor said the side of his foot was totally flat now.

He only had an ankle block and was able to walk out in an hour. Went to lunch and then home. I'd say the real pain kicked in about 4 pm. I don't know how many times I have been up and down the stairs since then fetching things for him. So, of course, I'm exhausted!

But tomorrow is a new day and I'm hoping he will start to improve and his pain will start to decline.