Wednesday, October 03, 2007

143 days of my healthy ways!

I haven't posted this in awhile...but I'm still on track. This is 143 days of no sugar, no soda and no red meat for me.

Each day I prove to myself that he could do this...if he would only change how he eats. I am doing my part to set the example....he is just not following.

I am also trying to cut out white flour and potatoes....but that is a much slower transition. I have cut way, way back....but not 100% yet. It's a goal. And it's good to have goals!

I used to eat whole bags of tootsie rolls while designing in my studio. I used to eat dessert with every meal. I used to snack on hostess twinkies.

So if I can do this....completely and totally cut all sugar and sweets out of my life....then anyone can do it! And yeah....I'm not even eating things that are "legal" angel food cake! If it falls in the category of's gone! That includes sugar free pudding, sugar free candies..all of it!

I've also give up nutri sweet, splenda...all of those. I use stevia if I need anything. But I'm learning to live my life without anything sweet.

Anyone want to join me on this journey of setting an example for the diabetic in their life? And yes...I'm still losing weight! An added bonus!



Albert said...

wow, you are seriously amazing! 143 days???

143 days is how long I've stopped really exercising, and I can tell you, I definitely feel myself deteriorating.

Maybe I'll be inspired to get back on track, especially since a healthy diet can go a LONG way.

Diabeteswife said...

Yep! Pretty amazing for me! But I do feel better...and I never thought I could do this, but I am. It's like walking. I only think about the next step. Not the long range picture. I just get through one meal at a time...doing a lot of self-talk!

But if I can do it...anyone can!

I need to increase my exercise next. Well...after yesterday...maybe I need a nap first! LOL!