Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A new day, a new insight

Feeling much better today. Back home, in my own bed with the heating pad on! I often wonder what like was like before heating pads were invented! LOL!

Hubby's foot is not doing well. I had to clean it for him tonight as he can't reach the incision. There is a gout infection there. The stitches have burst open in the shape of a "T". It is filled with puss and the surrounding areas are quite red. He is on antibiotics and has a new pain med which thankfully is giving him some relief. I have a FNP coming over tomorrow to look at the wound and show me how to clean it better.

I'm over the "I want to run away" feelings and on to "I want to be proactive about this" feeling. We had a fairly successful conversation at dinner tonight and if all goes will, I will be going with him to the doctor on Tuesday. That is such a huge step from a guy who said I had absolutely no reason to go with him to his doctor. So I'm pleased.

In addition, my sis called. Her hubby just survived a heart attack and he wants to come down and spend the weekend and talke with my hubby and tell him how important it is for him to make some changes in his life. I don't know why, but I'm totally hopeful that he will listen. Only time will tell.

Mom seems to be adjusting to her new place, I think we got all of her change of addresses done, so a bit of stress lifted there.

And yes, I am/was/will be suffering from caregiver burnout and am going to talk to his physicians abou that. As well as continue to search for a one level residence that we can move to.

So it was a good day for me...I'm doing much better.



Simon said...

Going to the doctor with him? That's AWESOME! Be really good if you could get some time with the doc alone, or can contact him after you see him. So that he can get your side of things. I'm certain he has no "official" knowledge of things.

Glad your Brother-in-Law survived the infarct and I hope he can talk some sense into hubby,
I wish I could come and stay for a few days too. Having another diabetic to talk to would be good for him I think. I mean another diabetic who has done the denial but and is in his fifties, so now a young kid.

Waiting to hear the outcome of the meetig with the doc.

albert said...

Glad things are looking up. Hopefully it'll be easier for him to open his ears to someone who has survived a heart attack.