Thursday, October 18, 2007

The FNP said

"it's really bad". And that's all she said when she looked at his foot today. She did mark the dark pink and light pink areas of infection with an ink pen and said if that grows past the line, we need to call his doctors immediately.

She also told me how to clense the wound....which is not exactly what his doctors told him to do, but I'm going to follow her insructions for the present.

He is now totally unable to walk. He is confined to the upstairs bedroom. Well, he can make it to the bathroom, but does not come downstairs. Yep, I am definitely getting my workout! Not exactly tye type I had in mind....but I can tell my legs, calves and ankles are definitely getting stronger.

I had my 3rd Thursday art group here today and it was just fantastic. Such a stress relief. Time for me to play. They got a total kick out of the fact that he calls me on my cell phone in my basement studio when he needs something. We took turns running the stairs today so I got some relief!

Ah! Good friends! Sure do help! I just need about 300 more of them! :o)


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