Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A1c is 12.1

Need I say anything else?

No, but I will.  In Sept 05 when I first started keeping track of his labs, it was 6.6.
8.7 in May 07
9.2 in Dec 09
10.5 in January
12.1 now

What damage is that doing to his internal organs?  Is he trying to kill himself?

It has gone down between those readings, but it's like that roller coaster with each peak getting a little higher.

We start a round with all 4 specialists tomorrow.  More labs should be back by tomorrow as he had several panels done this morning.

We have a realtor open house tomorrow, it's his last day of work, and there's retirement party # 3 tomorrow evening.  I just got back from 3 days with my mom and sisters.  They are all so excited that we are moving close to them.  I did look at a couple of houses, found a realtor I like and will go back in 2 weeks to look at more houses.

I just approved 7 comments over my last few posts.  Sorry, but I just don't have time right now to respond to them,  but I really do appreciate them and I do read them.  Hopefully I can respond later this week.

Here's hoping each of you has a great week!


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