Saturday, April 23, 2011

The "sugar" holidays

Yep, I'm going to take the liberty and rename all of them.....starting with tomorrow.  It's....
Candy easter
Pie 4th of July
Candy halloween
Cake thanksgiving
Candy christmas
Cake birthday
Alcohol new year's eve

Is there any "holiday" not related to having something sweet???  Maybe I should retitle all of these as diabetes hell holidays?  :o)

Not to mention that we get to have 8 or 9 birthdays per year with the grandkids, and maybe 2 or 3 of each holiday event considering who is where and when.

Oh, and you think my non-compliant diabetic husband is going to NOT eat something sweet?  Sigh!

I'm still trying to figure out which holiday is the worst and I do believe it is the christmas one as it seems to be the longest.

I no longer celebrate any of the holidays here in our house.  I refuse to buy candy or cake or pie.  But there's no end to the supply others will set out for him.....and they all know he is a diabetic who can't control what he eats!

Just my rant this morning!!!

As for the comments from yesterday about getting him in for a second consult...  Remember, this is a guy who will go 2 years without seeing any doctor.  The only reason he is going right now is they are all labeled "post op".  The one year visits will still be "post op" so he will go to those.  He is not about to get a second opinion.  The one shot we had is all I will ever get out of him.  He told the cardiologist that he does not want to take meds for depression and she did not argue with him (but then she doesn't know him either - first time to see her).

That's what this is all about - living with a non-compliant diabetic. OK, a non-compliant non- healthy person because he would be this way about anything that went wrong with him, diabetes or not.  Just makes it a little bit more difficult since he's had his diabetes so long and so many things seem to be going wrong right now.

My mantra - one day at a time, on step at a time.



Lilly said...

TOTALLY GET what you are saying about the "wonderful" holidays. Going to visit family tomorrow for Easter dinner, and my hubby ALWAYS puts away as many sweets as he can possibly stuff into himself, then gets loud and obnoxious, talking non-stop because his sugar is so incredibly high. And then will claim that he "doesn't know why" his sugar won't go down! Should I start screaming now???
Here's hoping the holiday is a good one for ALL of us . . . after all, we can always hope!
Take care,

Sandy said...

I hear ya!! If he cheats, just make sure he is giving enough insulin to cover it :) if he's not on insulin, I am not sure how to counter act the carbs though....hang in there !!

Anonymous said...

there is only so much one person can do -- if he won't take care of himself you can't do it for him
as awful as that is, it is the truth
as you say, one day at a time
it is all we can ever do......

sar said...

I know exactly what you mean about all these sugar holidays. I have given up since H will eat what he wants any how. If I try to stop him,he flies into a rage. It is just not worth it.

Lynn Barry said...

I got through Halloween without eating candy and Xmas and Valentine's Day and now Easter...hubby had some but i didn't and i am a I know it is possible...I am in noncompliant diabetes be damned it can be done...ok having gotten my self righteous rant out of the way...I LOVE YOU WIVES OF are all amazing! XO