Friday, April 22, 2011

Cardio visit

Remember we went to the family doc over him being so tired and he said to ask the nephrologist....who said to ask the cardiologist....who is on sabbatical, so we saw someone new who doesn't even know about everything he just went through.

I have never been so frustrated and he is beyond upset.

No answers.

Well, the consensus answer is that he should wait a YEAR and see if he is any better.

He has slept almost all day and all night since
Wednesday. He's also cold. Really cold. I got blankets out as if we turn up the heat I will melt!!

No one wants to do labs for 2 more months.

I'm teaching again tomorrow, so I'll have a great day!,



sar said...

One thing that I have learned having family who are and wee MDs is never accept incompetence for an answer. I would go to the nearest teaching hospital, where they train doctors, and ask for a cardiac consult ASAP. If there is a delay for a visit, walk H in through urgent care or ER and demand answers. I have done this with much success over the years, most recently for a preemie in the family born in a second rate hospital, called an old friend of one of the late MDs in the family, who is now chair of department of medicine at a world famous pediatric hospital and got the baby transferred.

Never settle for second rate.

Sandy said...

Wow so frustrating! What about a second opinion? You and the hubby know him best. If something is wrong, don't give up till u have answers...