Thursday, February 03, 2011

Beyond awful

One of these days I will assemble all my notes. Right now they are on my laptop, ipad, iphone and in emails. I'll put together a timeline. But just know this has been my absolute worst nightmare.

Example of just one conversation this afternoon. Hubby is in ICU. He cannot see. His kidneys are functiong at 13%. And the critical care MD is arguing with me about his insulin. I swear! I did not back down. I finally said, "you sound like you are upset with me." he said, "I feel like I am being attacked" I said, "I'm no where near attacking you - I'm trying to get you to understand why you should not switch him from Humulin R U500 to novolog. But you do what you have to do. His endocrinologist said that if anyone wanted to switch him off Humulin, they were to call her." and I gave him her number.

Then I pulled out my gigantic spread sheet and showed him hubby's past tracking of labs. You cannot fathom the change in this doctor. I think he realized that I know what I'm talking about. He called this hospitals endocrinologist who just now left the room telling me they were NOT going to take him off his Humulin!!!

So why did the critical care MD ever even have the argument with me? Why didn't he simply listen to my concerns, then call the endo?

And that is what my entire week has been like.

To top it all off, I woke up to blood in my urine this morning! Can you even believe that? I'm sure I have a kidney infection from sitting in surgery waiting all week long. Fortunately, my HMO has a clinic about 5 blocks from here and while it's not where I go, my doctor is amazing and she called an RX there and didn't make me go see her (an hour from here). I'm flushing my system with diet 7 up and cranberry juice and am already doing so much better. But did I need this? NO!!!

As you can see, I am stressed out and my body is starting to show it. When I told my doctor everything that was going on, she said, "and all you have is blood in your urine???" That made me laugh!

Hubby is running a temp of 103.3 now. So I will stay with him awhile longer. Been an awfully long day and I know I need to get some rest, but I'm hoping to meet with the hospital nephrologist because his kidney functions are so low.

I keep telling myself it can't get any worse.....yet it does.



Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetie, I'm so sorry. Hang in there. it will get better. It just has to. I don't know when. but it has to! My heart hurts for you.

Lynn Barry said... poor dear. I am glad you are championing your sweetie and that you got medical help for your own stress-induced health reasons. thanks for reporting in...I have been praying hard for you to get through what you have to get through. HUGS and LOVE