Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm pissed!

He's not out of surgery yet, but I am pissed, so going to write about it and see if I can't get over it!

His surgeon came out about an hour ago. Said this was the hardest case he had ever done. Hubby is morbidly obese (259 lbs). Has put on 40 pounds since bypass surgery a year ago. I think the surgeon was blaming me. I wish I could re-do that conversation. I'd make it clear that it's not MY fault! Hubby fixes most of his own meals as he never likes whatever it is that I cook. He will go to Burger King whenever he wants. He sneaks candy in his truck all the time. I'm NOT his mother - I can't force him to diet or alter what he eats. So I'm mad at the surgeon for even suggesting that "I" have to get him to lose weight!

He wants to put him on a protien, no carb diet when he leaves here. I told him that the endo says hubby has to have 45 carbs per meal. Can't do that on a no carb diet.

So surgeon said what about gastric bypass surgery?

Now, how can you eat 45 carbs per meal when you can only have an ounce or 2 of food at a meal after that surgery?

Sometimes I just wonder about the medical world? I understand that they are all so specialized that they don't know what one specialty needs from aonther.

But don't put that burden on me!


They couldn't get to the L3 - he is too fat. Said his veins would not move. I'm thinking it's atrphy from diabetes. NOT fat. But you know, I'm not a doctor, so what do I know? I mean, they guy has had diabetes for 30 years and here's what we've been told:

His heart problems are all due to poor genetics
His back problems are all due to poor genetics
His gout is due to his Scottish ancestry

Do you understand why I'm about ready to scream my head off? No one, and I mean NO ONE is even considering that ALL of this just might be a result of 30 years of poor management of diabetes!!!


OK, I will quit my ranting. The neurosurgeon is done, but they now have to put him back together again.

Oh, they nicked his femor vein in his left leg going in, stitched it up, but have to be aware of possible blood clots and he has to constantly exercise/move his feet. Ya think he's going to do that???

One can only wonder what's going to happen on Wednesday when they do the second part of this.

So they only fused L4-L5. I wonder if that's enough to relieve any of his pain.

The neurosurgeon said that he didn't gain 40 pounds this past year by not exercising. I'm thinking, yes, you don't move at all, you simply sit in a chair or lay in bed, you can easily gain 40 pounds in a year by simply eating the same way you ate the past year.

Will there ever be a physician who looks at the whole person?

I sort of doubt it!



Lilly said...

This surgeon sounds like a real idiot. The person he needs to be yelling at is your husband! It's not like you force fed him for the past year. Mine has also put on a lot of weight, and it is because he eats a LOT of junk, and sits/lies on the couch watching TV, when he is not sleeping. When I make a meal, he is "not hungry," because he has already filled up on crap. I do know some Type 2 diabetics who have successfully had gastric bypass surgery, but they have been in a lot better shape to begin with than your husband. Also, as far as a high protein diet goes: doesn't this doctor realize that high protein will quickly kill off your husband's already stressed out kidneys? We really do have to watch out for ourselves, as we are usually our best advocate! Hang in there, and hope surgery Wednesday goes as well as it can.

Lynn Barry said...

I recently had a doctor tell me I am morbidly obese and while I know I am overweight I didn't think I was morbidly obese, BUT it kicked me into exercising and watching more closely what i eat...having said sounds like the doctor was frustrated due to the weight gain and wanting to perform a successful surgery was venting...not to say i am taking the doc's side...just that it was insensitive to you...PERIOD...we love're are in a position that is not easy and only we know how that is...when the men we love don't always do the healthy things we would like them to do to be the best they can be under these diabetic circumstances. HUGS AND LOVE