Monday, January 03, 2011

Surviving December

Sure sounds like a great movie title! LOL!!! But we made it! Janaury 3 and we have survived it all! Yeah us! LOL!!!

Lilly, I want to apologize to you. I did say Lynn and meant Lilly and I now have the link to your blog over on the side. So there are 4 of us posting the honest truth about what it's like being married to a diabetic. I find the similarities and the differences all so interesting. I'm still amazed at the number of diabetics who are at some stage of denial as to what is really going on in their bodies. I think my hubby is relying on me more and more to tell him what is going on. He doesn't seem to actually notice declines in body functions and I seem to be inately alert to the slightest change. And then my sister pops in and is overwhelmed by his decline and I realize just how much I miss.

This week is the "parkinsons" type shakes. He can no longer cut his own food. And that is sad. I'm sure it is from the neuropathy. When there are no nerves, how can you feel that you have a fork and knife in your hands? He has lost most of his grip due to carpel tunnel. But again, I believe that's tied to neuropathy as well.

I noticed just today that even simple things like filling his pill box are becoming difficult Hard to hit the bin with the pill when you are shaking as bad as he does Seems to be worse when he is tired, but getting to be pretty bad all of the time.

Did our second blood bank visit today. Things are moving right along. I think the big hurdle is getting a release from this cardiologist to do the spinal fusion. I woke up today with such a complete peace about the whole process Not worried any longer. Just putting it all into God's hands and going to make the best of whatever the outcome is.

Here's hoping we all have a positive year. By supporting each other, we can make the road a little bit easier to travel!



Lynn Barry said...

HALLELUIAH! Prayers are with glad you feel at peace. HUGS and LOVE.

Lilly said...

No apology is required. I just want to thank you again for adding me on to your site, as hopefully some others will find me.

Just a thought about your husband's shaking: has he been on any new medications lately? My husband's occasional shaky hands are connected to an anti-rejection med that he takes, so this has to be regularly adjusted. Don't know if shakiness is a another result of neuropathy, but it well could be.

Lilly said...

Sorry, just read your blog description again. You mention that your husband also has Parkinson's, which would totally explain the shaking. Wow, all that, and Parkinson's too? I am so sorry for both of you!!!