Friday, January 07, 2011

Passed a milepost!

Went to his cardiologists today and he passed with flying colors. Had a new EKG and no problems. What a sigh of relief!!!

He also "graduated" from wound care. We don't have to go back. The incision on his ankle where they took the vein out for bypass surgery has finally healed! Another big yeah!

Love it when there's good news!

Plus, he got a parking spot right up front at the clinic! Gotta make you smile! LOL!



Lilly said...

Always great when there is good news. Good for both of you! Hope all continues to go well.

Lynn Barry said...

WOW WOW excited to read this great news! I do believe in the power of positivity and he has been more laid back and positive lately so...hurray for whatever is happening...I could BE happier for you both! HUGS and LOVE! XOXOXOx