Friday, December 24, 2010

New "wife of diabetic" blogger!

Lynn wrote:

Hope that all goes well with your husband and surgery. My husband is also in a lot of pain with spinal stenosis. However, because of his slow healing, he cannot find anyone who will even consider doing surgery. He has been told surgery may make things even worse because of all his other health problems. I finally "took the leap" and started my own blog today. Not sure how to let other people know, as I have been reading the other blogs you are following. I am still new to this! Here is my link: Yes, my husband is a Type 1, but so many of your challenges are so similar to mine. Again, thanks for having the courage to tell it like it is in your blog. You have truly helped, just by letting me know I am not alone in this craziness.

I've added Lynn's blog link over on the right. Lynn, welcome to this tiny group of women who are writing the day-to-day life of what goes on. We are slowly growing. I think it's so healthful to me to simply write what I'm feeling at the moment. It's a great outlet of stress. But more than anything - I'm documenting his progres (or lack of it). Doesn't matter if it's type 1 or 2, we are in this together.

Lynn, it sounds like your hubby is about a year or so behind the process of where my hubby was. He's been through PT and done the cortisone injections. Nothing worked. Here's my thoughts...the nerve endings are dying off. They do not heal. High sugar causes blood vessels to constrict and die off, why wouldn't it also cause the spinal column to constrict? And because this is caused by diabetis, not injury, then it can't be "fixed" without surgery. Just my opinon. Good luck!

Oh, and I have no idea how to market a blog like this. Mine seems to get picked up by the wierdest feeds!

Now, to Tom's wife: Thank you for blogging! I was truly worried. I used to have a mantra when I worked. I would sit at my desk and repeat over and's just a's just a job. Got me through many days!

Hubby's back is so bad he decided we couldn't go to the in-laws this year. I got lucky for once! Horrible people. If they ever read this blog, they deserve to know just how bad they are! I don't envy you at all. Your in-laws sound exactly like mine! Are you sure we're not related???

I have decided that the best gift anyone can give me is bubble bath! Think about it. If I use it, it forces me to spend time soaking in a tub. Which means that I'm not doing something else. I'm resting. Maybe we should all send each other bubble bath. OK - let's save on postage...everyone go out and buy their own bubble bath! LOL!

Hubby has been off work for 2 weeks and we have been resting and relaxing. We turned down every single holiday invite except for 1. It's been a very stress free month. I just don't think he could have handled anything this year. We spent today with his kids and grandkids. Bittersweet. The new grandson (8 months old now) has been diagnosed with epilepsy. Up to 100 mini seizures per day. On new meds and seizures. The parents (hubby's son and wife) look beat - completely drained. So heart wrenching for me as my youngest son, now age 26, has had seizures his entire life. Sometimes diabetes seems like nothing.


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Lilly said...

I am so sorry for your husband's grandson and your son! This has to be so hard in both cases. Thank you so much for letting people know about my blog, but I think you read my name wrong: it is Lilly, not Lynn. Still, many thanks, as I hope other people may "find" me more easily now.

My husband did the cortisone shots about 8 years ago. The first one helped tremendously, the others did not. It is so discouraging, as we will think we have found something that helps, and then it stops having a positive effect.

He is also a kidney transplant patient. I was his living kidney donor. Because of all the meds he takes in order to keep the kidney, he has many side effects from medications. Very hard to figure out what is causing which symptom at any given time. Perhaps now that he is having so much trouble with walking and frequent falls, his doctors may be willing to revisit the possibility of surgery. Unfortunately, if this goes on for much longer, he won't have much to lose.