Thursday, March 25, 2010

Humulin R U 500

Eli Lilly says that this product can increase your hypos.


Hubby had 4 lows 2 days ago and the reduced his dose.

He had 2 lows yesterday.

Went to his GP today who said he needs to be in daily contact with endocrinology while he is having lows. So we stopped by that department onour way out and there was no one available. Not even a nurse!

He has been with his HMO since 2006. He has never once in all this time seen a doctor in the department - just a nurse.

I got mad. We came home and I called his diabetes nurse. She in turn, forwarded my voice mail to a diabetes patient advocate Good for her! The advocate was amazing. I think she was a bit shocked he had not seen a physician. She asked if he had requested to see on and I told her he had on multiple occassions and all he ever got was an appointment with a nurse!!!

Well, we have an appointment with a physician in the endocrinology at the main facility tomorrow. It's a 26 mile drive, but we don't care.

She also told us that any time he has a low, it's safe to lower the Humulin by 10%. She instructed us the dose to give tonight and in the morning.

At 2:30 pm, he went low. Had OJ. At 4 pm, he was low again. MoreOJ. Company interrupted his routine. He hasn't learned yet that testing is more important than company, but that's ok. He retested at 6 and was still low. More OJ. At 6:30 he retested and had come up a little. I suggested that he reduce the insulin even more, but he didn't want to. So he took her recommended dose tonight. Ate a huge dinner, but has been low since 8:30. OJ and PB every 15 minutes with another test. Still low. Took a double dose of OJ and we'll see where he is in another 5 minutes.

I have to say that today's lows - he didn't get all angry and nasty. He was pretty calm. Somewhat aggitated. But calm.

I am praying that the physician we see tomorrow can give him some relief. I'm sure with his new diet and exercise plan, he is getting way too much insulin. Compounded by the fact that Humulin creates additional lows. And an endo department that has basically ignored him up til this point.



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