Friday, March 26, 2010


Finally. The first time he has actually seen an endocrinologist. What's it been? 5 years I think. Nurse after nurse, but never a doctor. It was interesting that she felt his heart condition was heriditary while the surgeon said it was caused by his diabetes. Proof that no one physician is responsible for the overall person. They just break it down by speciality. So we have decided that together, we are going to insure he gets all the care he needs.

Today was good. We now have permission to drop doses by 2 cc every day that he goes low. Of course, we can raise by 2 as well.

We have an email address - somewhere to actually send the numbers from his meter to show how often he's going low.

We have a telephone number and a fax number.

More than he has ever had in the past.

We have a plan. He has lost 20 pounds and wants to take off another 40. When he gets to his goal, then she will look at taking him off the Humulin and back on the regular insulan.

Our goal is to see how much of this we can reverse. With good diet, good control and exercise.

Of course, he is only 2 weeks post op. I pray that he will stick with this. But I'm wise enough to know that it's up to him to continue with these changes.

Morning dose was 30, tomorrow will be 22. Evening dose was 17, tonight was 11. So nearly a 1/3 drop already, post surgery.

Still had 2 lows this afternoon, but we did not reduce this mornings dose, so the proof will be when he takes his bedtime glucose....he should not below if her theory holds true.

A good day.


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