Monday, August 17, 2009

Obamacare for diabetics

This was an interesting article: Neo-Neocon

It shows the video where Obama says we should be taking care of the root cause of what causes amputations in diabetes, rather than performing the amputation.

So yes, a diabetic should diet, exercise, test their blood sugar numerous times a day. But that will not CURE the disease and there are still going to be those who need amputations. It may postpone or prolong the need for an amputation. But he said nothing about the plan's provisions for those who need an amputation

I really liked the paragraph that talks about how smoking is a huge risk factor in diabetic amputations. But Obama didn't mention this. Why? Proably because he's a smoker who hasn't been able to quit. How ironic! He is proposing a health care plan that would look at the root cause ofthe problem and ask people to fix that. Yet what is going to happen to him if he get's cancer from smoking all his life? He doesn't seem to want to quit.

So why should he ask a diabetic to eat healthy, exercise and test numerous times a day?

That just doesn't make sense to me.

Just a few of my random thoughts that this legislation probably should be something that each and every one of us - as the spouses of non-compliant diabetics - seriously start to listen to. Because you know our husbands are not going to start becoming compliant just because there's a reform in national healthcare!

I get the whole concept that taking care of yourself from an early age will reduce health care costs at a later age. But as the President of our nation, I think he should be the first to set the example and show everyone exactly how "easy" that is to do. He should give up smoking, stop eating red meat, and we should see him jogging 7 days a week And he should insist that his wife and daughters follow that example.

One of the things that scares me about the proposed legislation is the fact that it would limit healthcare to those over 55 and that's probably the diabetes category that needs the most care.

Aside from that.....will this mean that a doctor or his representative will now come into your home to make sure you are folloiwng their orders so that they can keep health care costs down? I get that from where he said, "monitors whether they're taking their medications in a timely fashion," How does he plan to monitor medications taken in a timely fashion?


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