Sunday, July 27, 2008

My R&R

Well, just one more day and then I head back home. This trip has been just exceptionally wonderful. I've taught 150 students in 23 classes in the past 8 days. I've made wonderful new lifetime friends, stayed with new art pals, and just been over in the left side of my brain for the last 8 days. Tomorrow = lunch with musical pals. What fun!!!

Hubby has called 2-3 times every day and I know he knows I'm having just a little too much fun! LOL!

Last night was strange and I wanted to write about it. I didn't have a late night class and my friend I'm staying with offered to cook dinner. I think I got back to the house around 8 pm and her husband was already 2 sheets to the wind from drinking beer, so we decided to join in and poured some red wine. I had 2 glasses - which happens to be 1 glass over my limit! The 3 of us were sitting at the dining table, eating and laughing and her husband was just so much fun. He was trying to convince me that I should move here and just drink and party all the time. Now, I know that's not a possible lifestyle, but for the first time in a very long time, I wanted to party. I wanted to go dancing, to sing, to laugh and giggle, to tell wild stories, to flirt.....

whoa! Back up! I wanted to "flirt"???? What a long lost feeling! And it hit me - I have been so busy worrying about my husband's diabetes, what is happening to him, what might happen next - that I have completely let go of that fun girl I used to be. But the question is - how do you find her again? How do you get her back? How do I laugh more and smile more when I get back home and get back into my daily routine of caring for him?

Well, the store has invited me to come back out in just another 4 weeks and I said YES!!! So I have just a few days to create new class samples and get my act together. I don't think there's going to be a moment to worry about him when I get home. Maybe this is a good thing!

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Lyrehca said...

Sounds like teaching is a great way to do something for yourself. Once you get home, really try to remember, every day, how great you felt while doing what you've been doing, and try to nurture that feeling even though you're caring for your husband full time. Good luck with it.