Monday, July 21, 2008

Another break from "real" life!

Just wanted to post that I'm back visiting my girlfriends and having a 10 day break, teaching creative classes, and having a blast. This trip, the place I teach at paid my airfare, are putting me up and providing me a car to drive, so absolutely no expense on my part - but I'm teaching 23 classes in 8 days, so it's "work"! LOL! (Well, if you can call this work!)

At least I'm getting a break, jumping over in the the left side of my brain, and for the most part, completely and totally escaping from real life.

Went to the opening of Mamma Mia with 14 women - now that was a hoot! And went to a musical that another friend is producing. So it's been a fun trip so far!

Hubby keeps trying to call me, but can't get me when he "needs" me as I'm just not answering the phone in the middle of a class, so I think this is really good for him! I've chatted with him about once a day and he seems to be doing just fine. The store where I'm doing classes is already planning to host me again in 6 weeks, so I'm thinking this could be my caregiver respite on an ongoing basis. I'll just have to work hard at making that work for me!


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