Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pam said......

Thank you so much for what you do and write. My dad did nothing for his diabetes until it was too late. I had to deal with him as a child/adult and now I deal with my husband who has had type 2 for 4 years. My Dad recently past away, and now I face what you do in my own husband even more. Reading your blog has helped me to see that I am not the only one who had trouble dealing/ being a caregiver. It has even made me smile! Keep it up!

Well Pam, I write for my sanity. It is my release. My escape. My journal of this journey. My report to his kids when he is dead and they want to know why I didn't do more to help him live. It's a record of our lives from the perspective of living with this disease.

You are not alone. Oh me, I used to feel so completely alone until I started this blog. About 3 years ago, I truly thought it was all me. Now I know it's not. And I know there are many other spouses of non-compliant diabetics out there. There is strength in numbers. That's for sure.

Today was a fairly good day. I think he is done with this latest bout of diahrrea, but I swear, his poor feet look worse than ever. I don't know how he can stand on them. But he manages. He devoured another whole bag of tootsie rolls yesterday and today I saw him with a bag of potato chips. I really wonder how long he can continue this eating pattern. He definitely put on more weight while I was gone. Once again, it's his life and I know I can't change him. But watching him do this to himself is so hard.


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