Friday, February 08, 2008

Part of the problem is just me

I was awake most of the night, and know I'm coming down with something. So perhaps part of my feelings when I posted last night were just being exhausted from the start of a cold. Knock on wood, I haven't been sick in about 4 years now. I'm hoping I can divert this one...will start on mega doses of Vitamin C as soon as he gets up.

Slept on the and on, sore throat, ear hurts, chest congested. I think it's just exhaustion. We've had house guests almost non-stop for 2 weeks....I've been trying desparately hard to keep life on an even keel with no outbursts from I've been suppressing a lot of my own emotions and feelings. Last guest left sis is returning today or's a little less stressful with her here. She knows everything that's going on and I don't have to try and cover up so much....but I still do.

Think I will just stay in bed today and try to sleep this one off. Can't really afford to "crash" until about next Wednesday. Have to giggle on that one....But it's what I'm doing today....self-talk....I just can't get sick just yet! :o)

So, as the spouse of a diabetic, why do we continue to cover up for them? And I know that we all do it....on a regular basis. We don't want our friends to know what we really go through? We don't want others to talk about us? I sort of think it's a normal process regardless of what "problems" go on in a family....and diabetes is a "problem" when it comes to outward behavior of someone who is non-compliant.

Maybe Vics Vapor Rub will solve more than just my sore throat today! LOL!

Yes, I can "dream". :o)


Albert said...

make sure you get enough rest! I came down with the flu and ended up with bronchitis this weekend, but sleep (and meds) definitely helped! Hang in there and stay healthy.

As far as not wanting your friends to really know what's going on, I think it is very beneficial to have those few people where you can be completely vulnerable and honest with. Those who you trust to speak into your life for encouragement and criticism. It makes all the difference.

Faith said...

Put on your favorite PJs and dive into bed. There's something incredibly freeing about admitting you're sick and knowing the world is just going to have to get along without you for awhile. Hmmm, maybe that would explain why I'm on my third virus of the year?

Sending Vicks-scented hugs your way,


Diabeteswife said...

My sis is here....she's my confidant...and a good source of stress relief! I had a sore throat for 24 hours, lost my voice and now it's in my chest. I feel fine except for about once every couple of hours I have a horrible cough. Yep, started myself on stuff to help get over this. Figure it will all be over by tomorrow and I'll be back to normal.

PJs? I'm STILL in them today! LOLOL! Yes, it feels great! Just being lazy and enjoying the morning with my sis. All good stuff!