Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is it the flu or am I just worn out?

I've been sick since my last post. And flat on the sofa. So I'm getting rest...if nothing else. No fever. Really deep cough, but nothing "green". I still contend this is just my body's exhaustion and I'm allowing me to rest.

The diabetic counselor did call me back. She accidentally confirmed that he has never seen the diabetic nutritionist. And she agreed I need counseling. She said, "if I were your sister, I would agree with you, you have 3 choices...stay, leave, or keep things the way they are and I would tell you to get counseling." I told her that just hearing her say that to me helped.

Because I am not diabetic, she cannot counsel me without him. I have to go find a counselor through the normal HMO way. I will do that...when I'm feeling better. Right now, I'm just taking lots of naps, drinking lots of fluids and trying to get myself well.

And no, I can't even comment on how he's doing other than to say he is keeping his distance from me as he doesn't want or need to get this in the event it's something contageous.

From that respect....I'm having a bit of a break this week.


M said...

I, too, am a spouse of a non-compliant diabetic. Your blog has helped me to understand that I am not solely responsible for my husband's illness. I am currently trying to get him to take personal responsibility but I know that my efforts are useless. I really love my husband but it is difficult to watch him slowly die in front of me. He will not eat the food I prepare for him and he gorges on candy and sweets that he goes out and buys. We currently are fighting over a large box of Skittles candies and a big box of Payday candy bars that he bought. I want to throw them in the garbage but he has to have them for a "sugar security blanket." We have been to nutrition counseling and he knows that he cannot eat the junk foods and I am a "good" wife who prepares proper meals for him. I just can't get him to eat. He also will go without eating and his BS will go up to the 400s. I have tried and tried to explain to him to eat a small snack between meals like cheese and crackers or a piece of fruit. All of my suggestions fall on death ears. I was considering divorcing him over the lying and accusations (his refusal to deal with the reality of his situation). Just know that you are not alone and thanks so much for your blog.

Diabeteswife said...

Mary, thank you for posting. I feel like you and I are living the same life. I walked into his office this morning and found a whole bag of chocolate...empty. No idea where it came from. But he did go to the doctor's today.

It does help to know we are not alone in this uninvited journey. It always helps to know that someone else truly understands.