Monday, January 28, 2008


How do you communicate with someone who is having a sugar low? Do you yell at them trying to snap them back into reality? Do you just walk away knowing that nothing is going to work? Do you talk to them in soothing tones thinking it will all get better?

I like to mix it up and try different things, but I swear, yelling is what works best. He seems to "snap out of it" and get back to reality. I haven't quite figured out yet if it's the tone of my voice, if it jars him back to earth, or what...but it does seem to work.

This evening, I think he was so low, he was nearly passed out. He was laying on the sofa and did not respond to anything. I shook his shoulder..nothing. I raised my voice, nothing. I yelled at him and he slowly turned his head to look at me and started to talk. I asked him if he was OK and he said he didn't think so, so we got him something to eat. Note...I had been out all day and I don't think he ate breakfast or lunch. Sigh.

You would think that this grown man could fix himself somethin to eat when I am not here. But alas, seems he can't even warm up leftovers!

It's 6:48 pm and he has gone to bed. My sis is here and she thinks he could have a heart attack any day. I think he could like this another 30 years. Just asking these questions of myself...I think I will continue to yell at him when he doesn't respond as it seems to work..for now.


JustLittleMe said...

I can't yell - he doesn't respond to that - and he has a very keen awareness of what is transpiring around him - even if he can't get up and get himself some sugar. He'll tell me how well (or not) I handled myself - how calm I was - or not. He gets angry when I yell- and I can't blame him - nobody likes to be yelled at. I've learned to just calmly ask - and re-ask and re-ask him to drink - for as long as I can - If he can't - I call the paramedics

liz said...

my husband was a type 1 diabetic for about fifteen years. he died a little over a year ago from what they called sudden cardiac death. no signs or symptoms, just woke up one morning and died. he was noncompliant for about ten years or so, not taking care of his self. this was before we were together, and the last five years of his life he was really a good diabetic. the damage had been done, over the many years of not taking care of his disease. he was angry and could not accept that he had to be different, and was not able to eat and drink like most others. he actually tried to ignore his disease for a long time, and ended up in the hospital twice. the years we had together were wonderful. i gave him his his shots and i tried to make sure to cook properly for him. as i said, the damage had been done, and it was just a matter of time catching up with him. he was a wonderful man, and as you can tell i am still grieving his death. i wish i would have had him for those ten years , and maybe he would have lived a longer life. he was only fifty two. good luck with your husband.