Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a difference.....

He was gone 10 days. He's been back since Thursday evening. I know...just 48 hours. But he is well. His feet still have the nodules on them, but no open sores. He is in a good mood. I don't think we've had a high or a low. I am actually enjoying being with him! He says he's feeling great. He's walking. We ran a ton of errands this morning with no complaints.

I wonder if his drugs are all kicking in finally. Or was it just being gone so long. Or the low altitude and he reacted positively to it. I wonder how long this will last. Was it foreign cooking? So many possiblities. Whatever the reason, I am so enjoying the man who is here now! I hope he stays for awhile! I figure I need to blog (remember) the good moments right along with all the bad.

We're planning on taking the ATV out tomorrow for a full day ride. Should be fun!


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Jean said...

What a treat to hear about the good days. Enjoy every minute!