Sunday, August 05, 2007

There is comfort in sharing.

Jean wrote in the last post:

I don't have to continue my protector-in-chief role where the kids are concerned, as now that I've talked with one, it will be easier to share things with the others.

And I have to agree. My comfort comes in blogging. By keeping a record of his ups and downs, his happiness, his anger, the dramatic sudden character changes, and the eating patterns....I have found relief. I know that I have a record that I can go back to when I want to see if there is a certain pattern. I have a place where I can get my frustrations out and not have to keep them bottled inside. I can share my blog with my sister so that she more fully understands what it is that I'm dealing with. And I have a record of the progression of this disease for his children, should something happen to him, and should they ask questions.

So, yes, there is comfort in sharing what I, as a spouse, am dealing with. And whether it be by blogging, by telling my sister or my best friend, or by sharing with a complete least someone else out there knows what I am going through.

Thanks Jean!


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