Thursday, August 23, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

We are in Las Vegas this week. Here with my sis and her hubby. My sis and I are attending an art convention. I can't begin to explain how wonderful this is. The creative juices are just flowing and I am having a blast. Hubby and my brother-in-law are exploring Vegas and the casino/hotel/convention center where we are staying.

We all went to Tony & Tina's wedding tonight. While in the buffet line, some idiot stepped on hubby's sore foot and totally crushed it. Hubby could barely stand the pain, made it through the rest of the show, hobbled home and is in such pain I just want to cry for him. There isn't much he can do except take some pain pills. His toe is swelling and bright red. I just wish other people were more considerate. I'm sure the other guy didn't mean to step on it....I'm sure it was an accident. But I also am sure the other guy has no idea what he is putting my poor hubby through.

Just makes you stop and think that you never know what reactions your actions will have on another human being.

I know this will keep hubby in bed the rest of the trip. Fortunately, we don't have anything else planned except for the 2 of us gals to attend the convention. Should be a fun weekend!



Jean said...

Hope the last couple days of your trip were good ones and that your husband was able to get out and about a bit more too. What a bummer that his foot got stepped on. It made me cringe just reading about it.

Everything's on an even keel here this weekend. Hubby's work has been busy, plus there's been overtime, and he's holding up okay other than mega-swollen ankles. His mood has been good, and selfish as it is, I find myself caring more about that than a lot of other symptoms. That sounds bad, but it's the truth so might as well say it.

Hope you're able to keep those creative juices flowing once you get back to your home studio.

Diabeteswife said...

Oh my, I so understand! If "his" mood is good, I am so happy. When it's has an impact on everyone and everything. So yes, mood is sometimes (often times) way more important than anything else....when it comes to suriving as a spouse!

Glad to hear things are on an even keel. That's actually great news!


Diabeteswife said...

And to annonymous. You are actually getting to be quite funny! Your opinionated, one-sided, totally-miss-the-point emails are read with great humor on my part. But because you remain so angry, nasty, and hateful, they won't be repeated here. I continue to suggest that you seek theapy, and get a more realistic view as to what YOUR disease does to those surrounding you. It DOES have an impact, regardless of how saintly you think you are. It is folks like YOU that give this disease a really bad name.

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