Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm worn out from the weekend....

and not because we did anything at all. I think it is exhausting to just sit around the house. And that's all he wanted to do this weekend.

His foot is all infected again. It hurts for him to walk. We are supposed to fly to a convention this week. Scheduled to leave Wednesday. I wonder if he will be able to travel. He commented today that he would rather just stay here and I go by myself.

Is that my future? I have to make a choice? Either I do these things alone.....or I just sit here all the time and do nothing at all?

Isn't the reason we got married to have someone to share life with? If I'm going to be off doing all these things alone, why be married? Good question, huh?

And yeah, I'm just talking to myself! I do it a lot! I think it's pretty good therapy!



Jean said...

I'm having one of those days where going off and doing something by myself sounds pretty good. :) It seems that the more that my husband loses control of his physical health and interests, the more he wants to control me.

He's jealous of my hobbies and interests. I'm around here all the time, yet when I knit or read or do emails on the laptop (even though I'm in the same room), he gets all pouty and sulky. It drives me nuts!

So, yeah, I'm thinking going off by myself soon sounds like a real good thing :)

Diabeteswife said...

Jean, I hear you loud and clear. I have noticed a definite pattern. I wonder if it's because he is afraid he will slip into a coma and no one will be around. Seems he wants me right there, next to him, in the same room, doing absolutely nothing.

Yeah, like that's going to happen? NOT! LOL!

But yes, he does go into spurts where he is totally jealous of my hobbies, my girl pals, my art friends, my success in the art's endless. When I am at my happiest celebrataing a recent publication, he just sulks. But I have decided it is my life, I'm pursing my art, and I am having the best time ever. I'm learning to just ignore his pouts and his sulks. That is his problem!