Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank you Simon!

I can't thank you enough for what you wrote.

I think you have nailed it much better than I ever could. You have made my day. I struggle so often with finding the words to express what it is that I'm feeling.....while at the very same time struggling with that daily choice that all spouses must make....stay, or just walk away.

Walking away is the easy option. And trust me, there are moments when it looks like the only option. There are times when I think it's the only way I can survive. But I'm still here! Thus far! Yes, because I love him that much.

In life, do we choose the easy path? Do we take the route that is best for us? Or do we stick out the current ride and see where it takes us? It's a choice that each one of us must make on a daily basis....sometimes every moment of every hour of every day.

We are having a really good week here which makes me so grateful that I've chosen the path I'm on. But I'm also quite aware from past experience that a really good week can turn into the week from hell almost overnight. So I will love this moment for all it has to offer me and not worry about the next one!

Thank you for your support. From the bottom of my heart!



Simon said...

Dunno what to say. You're welcome doesn't quite cover it. Sorta lost for words.

I'm on your side DW, and hubby's too.

I'm also honoured to be mentioned in one of your posts. Weird thing though, the link to my blog doesn't work.

Diabeteswife said...

when I did a cut and paste, the link worked just fine right now. Not sure what to do about that! Is there another way to tell people how to get to your site? Click on your name?