Monday, July 16, 2007

Can diabetics read???

LMBO! OK, for all of you who send me your nasty little annonymous comments that I will continue to all need to learn how to read!

Anyone who writes to me about type 1 diabetes obviously does not have the ability to read that my hubby has type 2 and that's what I'm writing about and NO, I will NOT post that information in each and every single post I make!

Anyone who writes to me that what I write is way too personal, well, duh! It's MY PERSONAL get over it!

Anyone who tells me not to be giving advice to diabetics....ok...I have absolutely no intention of doing that at all! READ! I am just merely writing my thoughts and sharing them with other women who are in my situation.

We are NOT diabetics.....we are LIVING with UNCONTROLLED, non-compliant diabetic spouses.....READ the name of my blog! LOLOL! For heavens sake....don't take it so's not about YOU! It's about ME and what I am experienceing and living with on a daily basis.

And let's just discuss attitude for a moment. Most of you who email me and I reject your comments have an attitude 100 times worse than my poor hubby, so I can't fathom being married to you or you having/raising children! Get over yourself! It's a disease. You have lows and highs where you do not remember what you say or do and THAT is the part I blog about. Those incredibly horrible moments when my hubby turns into this unleashed monster that absolutely no one would want to be around.

It's your disease and you have to deal with it. But don't email me and think I'm going to post your negative, nasty, horrendous letters.....especially when you have not taken the time to read all of my blogs and when you are so inconsiderate and lazy that you think for a second this disease has not or will not affect you in the same manner in which it has consumed my husband.

WOW! I feel great now!

OH, and the only way you can prove to me that you can read if you are a diabetic is to carefully read ALL of my posts and then decide if you still need to vent to me! Remember....I'm NOT talking about Type 1 diabetes matter what the similarities are and if you think I am, that's all the proof we need that you don't know how to read!!!



Simon said...

Well said lass!

This type 1.5 diabetic not only can read but does read. I follow your blog regularly and enjoy it.

I also feel for both you and your hubby. I'm certain there are other spouses around who have similar experiences and I'm glad that you are actually telling the world about it. Whilst you don't have diabetes, you do have to live with its effects and consequences. That you have stood by your hubby and continue to do so is a lesson to us all.

Simon said...

I hope you don't mind, but I've posted an article on my blog supporting you.

I can understand if you wish me to remove the links to your blog but I would much rather not.

I reckon the people who have been nasty to you need a wake up call from another diabetic. Hence the article.