Sunday, July 15, 2007

He's gone round the bend!

OK...I'm laughing as I write this. A lot of history here, so this may be long, but I need to get it out!

In October, 2005, I had the chance to move to Phoenix and go to work for an art company that I was designing for. Hubby encouraged me to go and said that in the spring, he would spruce up the house, sell it, and move down to join me. Unknown to me, the next month, he refinanced the house and then said we could not afford to sell it. I stayed south for the winter and then came home....madder than a wet hen at him for refinancing behind my back because I knew he did it because he did not want to move. Yes, even after he told me he would move.

We have since replaced most of the items HE sold at a garage sale in anticipation of the move. Things like a riding lawn tractor, garden wagon, etc.

I have resigned myself to living in this house forever and started fixing it the way I want. Moved my studio to the basement. Spent a fortune on 10 classroom tables, wheeled chairs, etc. Last week, we strung cables for satellite TV in the studio and the guest bedroom.....doing things that we have never done, making this a place we can enjoy.

So today, we are driving to brunch and pass a new condo development and he says, "why don't you check those out?" I just looked at him and said, "you want to move to a condo?" and he says, "yes, I think it's time".

Half of me says go find one today and sign the contract because in 3 months he will change his mind! But at brunch, I decided to ask a bunch of questions. You know, things like, "do you want a garage?" "no" "well, where would we store the ATV?" "I'll have to think about that I guess"

"are you going to sell the new garden tractor"


"where would you put that in a condo?"

So I decided that he really has not thought this out....but I will start looking for a one story loft or condo as I know he is not going to be able to do stairs much longer and I know he can't continue to maintain the yard and outside of this house.

But I swear....why didn't he just move with me 2 years ago? It would all be over by now as we had said back then we would move to a loft.

Men! I think they can be so funny!


Jean said...

That is so funny. Well, maybe not so funny from your end, but from this end I can just picture it all and can't help but laugh. Because of my husband's mood swings and forgetfulness I always say I never know which man I'm going to wake up with, eat lunch with, etc. I never thought about how that would play into major life changes like moving.

A condo does sound like the way to go with your husband's situation. Hopefully you'll still have room for a studio with some privacy? It's unreal how you just got everything fixed up at home so perfectly.

You'll be glad to know I didn't get my floor scrubbed :) I did get the cucumbers picked along with peas, kohlrabi, raspberries, and blueberries. Good thing I like to garden because there's a whole lot to like this year!

Our oldest is coming home from basic training/AIT tomorrow so we'll have lots of family things going on and hopefully that should help hubby stay on an even keel mentally. Even though he gets really tired, he sure does seem to do better when we have a lot going on.

Have fun condo shopping!

Jean said...

My husband had an accident on the way to work last night with his small cycle. Someone didn't yield at the roundabout and he ended up laying the bike over. Of course he still went to work and worked a full shift even though he can barely move. He has scrapes on the back of his hand, a scraped up knee, and says his hip hurts although there's no bruise there. Could be because it got forced into a position during the fall that is beyond his normal range of motion but who knows? His jeans have big holes in them, and his jacket got torn open at the zipper and won't close anymore. The scariest part is that his helmet has big scratches on it. I don't even want to think about that.

He was so sore this morning he couldn't get his socks off, and when I removed them, I couldn't believe how swollen his ankles are. Suppose the trauma has something to do with that?

Of course he refuses to be seen by a doctor. He's resting now, and I seriously wonder if he'll be able to move when he wakes up. Our son is arriving home today so maybe he can help me carry him to the doctor if need be.

Diabeteswife said...

Oh Jean, oh my dear. And I'm going to guess his sugars have gone sky high as any trauma will force them up. I so wish he would just go to a doctor....for your sake. If he cannot move when he wakes up, something could well be broken.

I am so happy for you that your son is coming in today. I hope he can talk some sense into that husband of yours.

I will keep you in my prayers!