Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend War?

I tried sleeping in the same room with him last night. Why? Why on earth do I think that I need to sleep with him just because I'm married to him? Went to bed about 10 pm. Put on the headsets and started to watch a movie on my little DVD player to drown out the TV. He had the volume set to 33 which is not all that headsets will muffle the surround sound.

Next thing I know....I'm hearing guns and booms and I look up...he's upped his volume to 44! I should have known right then and there he was going into a crash. But you know....some things I just never learn. So I simply turned up the volume on my DVD player and started to snooze off.

About midnight, he got up, banged the doors on his wardrobe, turned off the TV and left the room. Absolutely no idea what he was doing other than the door banging totally work me up.

Fell right back to sleep.

About 3:30 am....I woke up to a thud on the bed. He was throwing those heavy foam pillows on the bed. I just laid there...trying to get out of my sleepy fog. He flopped down on the bed so hard that I raised off my side of the bed. I still just laid there. About 10 minutes later, he was snoring and of course....I was wide awake.

So I decided to just get up and come work in my studio.

At 6:45 am, I hear a thud....a door bang...and then I hear the alarm on my cell phone. It was ringing. He had gotten out of bed. Walked over to my makeup table, unplugged it, gone all the way back across the bedroom, opened the door, walked out into the hall, and thrown it over the balcony onto the sofa downstairs in the living room!!!!

Yet he couldn't just open the flap and turn it off????

I'm in the basement and I hear it ring, so I go upstairs to find it. Went all the way to the upstairs as that's where I'd left it plugged in. Not there. Still ringing. Find it on the sofa. Go back upstairs and ask him, "did you throw my cell phone downstairs?" He says, "no." I said, "You did too!" He said, "No I did not". I said, "I heard you open the door and I heard it hit the sofa!" He said, "I turned it off and 10 minutes later it rang again. You do the same thing to my alarm clock." I said, "I have NEVER thrown your alarm clock down stairs!!!" And I walked out of the room cursing him all the way down the stairs.

It has NOTHING to do with him throwing the cell phone down on the sofa. It has EVERYTHING to do with him waking me up at 3:30 and I quietly leave the room....but if I (via my cell phone) wake him up...he HAS to make a scene.

Weekend war? I think it just started.

Age 10? I think he is there. So my question this morning...has there been any kind of study done to show that a diabetic who is having complete and total out-of-control sugar levels reverts to the IQ and age of a 10 year old? I swear. There has to be come coorelationship to this. I cannot believe that a 50something year old man will pick up a cell phone and throw it over the balcony just because he can't figure out how to turn it off. I KNOW he's in the middle of a low. I just know it.

The other day, he commented that I treat him like a child.

Well...duh! He's certainly acting like a child today!

He's gone back to bed and I'm leaving here in half an hour and may just be gone all day long. I'm so not going to deal with him this weekend. NOT even going to try!

I HATE this disease.


Megan said...

If you thought he was low, why didn't you ask him to test and have him eat something sugary? It's certainly not safe to be low all night.

Diabeteswife said...

First, I'm not allowed to ask him to test, to mention this disease, or to offer him food or tell him I think he needs something. He has made that more than perfectly clear.

And yes...I've tried. It just sets of a raging volcano of wrath. Been there...done that.

Second. At 3:30 am and again at 6:30 am....are you serious? I'm supposed to be awake enough to figure out that he's in a low??? Sorry....I only figured it out when I was typing this morning. Now when it was happening.

Third. We are dealing with a guy who is in denial that this disease causes any problems at all. Yes, we've been to counseling (read my older blogs) where the physicians and therapists agreed that his sugar levels are totally out of control. But he proclaims that they are fine. He refuses to test himself. Only when he "thinks" his sugars are below 65 will he test. Seriously!

Fourth. "It's not my disease". I keep telling myself that. I'm just trying desparately to figure out how to survive living with a guy who has this disease.

I've decided that Monday I'm calling the therapist and scheduling an appointment for me. I will ask him if he will join me. It's about all that I can do.

Fifth. I'm sure he is not low all night long. I'm sure the roller coaster ride continues and he goes from high to low 2-3 times every 24 hours. If not more often.

Hope that clarifies it a little more.

Megan said...

Thanks, that does clarify. It sounds like this has been very hard on you.