Friday, August 11, 2006

What horrid feet he has.

He's hobbling today. Because his feet hurt. Oh, I wish I could sneak a photo of them. It would probably break my camera. Literally. I do not know how the man walks at all. It must nearly kill him. He has big gnarls on his feet. Look like quarter sized mounded pimples. They have heads on them. Probably at least 50 on each foot. Some have puss in them. Some don't look quite that bad. And then on 2 toes, he has blister looking like things that are a good 1/2" raised up from the skin. The skin is stretched so thin you can see right through it. Looks like it is going to ooze any moment.

Last night, I noticed tiny little matching pimple looking mounds on the top of the tips of his fingers. Anyone know what that is? I'm sure it's all related to his diabetes. Yep, he ate 4 chocolate donuts last night. He is not doing a thing to prevent this. If his feet ooze on my carpet......LOLOL! (OK...I have to laugh to keep from cringing at this point!)

I know what it is when his feet swell up and turn sort of purple looking...they do that often. But these gigantic pimple/boils have only happened a few times.

What is his sugar levels? Normal according to him. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

My dear, your husband is well on his way to what will probably end up being foot amputation. If your doc hasn't told you this, she's not doing you any favors. And the reason, as you well suspect, is uncontrolled blood sugars. It starts out with poor wound healing, which your husband already shows signs of. Ultimately it progresses to amputations.

You haven't written about this, so perhaps it's not a problem yet, but if it isn't now, unless he gets his BGs under control, it will be soon. I'm talking about sexual dysfunction. Perhaps he doesn't realize this is another consequence of poorly controlled BGs. Sometimes knowing this motivates men to get their BGs under control - if the thought of amputations doens't do it.

Diabeteswife said...

I have not been here in awhile....just too painful to put my thoughts to writing, but I did post and update tonight. Yes, I am well aware that he is on his way to an amputation. But you will see from my post that he is not willing to help himself. At least not yet.

We are already dealing with sexual dysfunction. Doesn't seem to bother him at all. He attributes it to age, not disease. Sigh!