Friday, July 21, 2017

I'm so tired of all of it!

Think about my last post.  He dropped his concentrated humbling by 75%.  i should have anticipated problems.

Highs.  Lows.  Rollercoaster emotions.  Outbursts.  Sleeping.  We've had it all these past few weeks.

Today he got physical in his rage.  He grabbed me.  Tried to prevent me from going through a door.  After he calmed down I explained that was a red line for me.  I explained that he will never touch me again when he is angry.  And if a single bruise appears, I will report this incident to the police.

He wants me to sell the house.  I won't.  He wants to separate which is fine with me, but he has to be the one who leaves.

I'm pretty sure he will apologize in a couple of days as usual, but if he doesn't, I'm fine with that.

Something pretty much died today when he grabbed me.  We will see if we can recover from this one, but the man seriously needs help.

And I have to ask myself if he was loaded on marijuana.  He is a serious user and I don't think that helps a thing when his insulin gets so out of whack. 

He is not well.  He is so angry.  Nothing makes him happy.  And I know he physically hurts and constant pain can make you crazy.  What he has to understand is that he cannot take it out on me.

I left and went to my sisters for a few hours.  Gave him time to cool down.  I will give this a couple of days and see if he's serious about leaving, but there's going to be an understanding that threats and anything physical are off the table.  Just not allowed ever under any circumstance.

We just found out that my brother-in-law has lung cancer and may not have a year left.  I really don't know what triggered today's outburst but it always seems to happen when I least expect it and I'm so tired of it.  At least give me some hint that an explosions about to happen!!!


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