Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Nephrologist

Yesterday we drove 3 hours to visit a nephrologist.  Kidney specialist.  I liked the doctor.  He spent 2 hours with us.  I don't know that the hubby will do anything he was told to do, but he will now get labs done every quarter.  That's great.

The doc changed some of the meds, added some new ones.  Gave him some anti-nausea meds.  Said that he probably has gastroparesis (which I thought might be the case) and that's what's causing him to vomit so much.

His GFR has improved from zero in 2011 to 44 which is incredible.  Is is the marijuana?  I've read that it helps treat kidney disease and diabetes.

The main problem is the protein in the urine.  30 is good.  300 is horrible and he was at 2300, but it is now down to 1100.  Still extremely bad.  The kidneys simply are not functioning properly.  His BUN has also increased.  So more meds for that.  Wants him to stop diet coke.  Wants him to drink a gallon of water a day to keep the kidneys hydrated.  That probably won't happen.

Gave him 3-5 years before he will need dialysis.  That's interesting because only 2 years ago he was told that he needed dialysis then.  I think this just confirms to me that labs really can't forecast what you do and don't need as they can quickly change for the good or the bad.

As an aside, he apologized for the other day and agreed that it wouldn't happen again.  He doesn't want to split up.  Again - more evidence of the non-stop roller coaster ride in my life.  I pray that these drug changes can smooth out the emotional ups and downs he is experiencing.

Life will never be normal.  I just try to get through one day at a time.  I'll be gone the rest of the week as my brother-in-law has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and I'm going to go visit them for a few days.


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