Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dropping insulin again

Last night, he told me he is now taking 10 units in the morning and 10 at night.  Two weeks ago, he was taking 40 units each.  That is a substantial drop....paralleling his drop in food intake.

(remember he uses Humulin R U 500 which is a concentrated insulin that is 5 times the normal insulin).

He has to drop the insulin in order to prevent the severe lows.

Yet he is only testing morning and evening.  He still refuses to prick before and after meals.  Said that his glucose is running between 120 and 240.  Hmmm.

His crashes - he goes down to 40 or lower.

I need to keep current with this type of posts so that there's a record of the changes.  He does not seem to have lost any more weight.  But it's possible that because I see him every day, I'm not noticing.  He says he hasn't lost any more.


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