Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The funny things people write to me

I find it humorous when someone writes to me and says that I can't understand this or that because I'm not diabetic.

I disagree.  I cannot understand your personal feelings, but I probably could pass for a ph.d on this topic.   I have never experienced any of the symptoms or side effects of this disease.  But having experienced a substantial amount of pain from a variety of issues in my lifetime - I do know what pain is.

Anyone understands events, illnesses, issues that sap energy out of you.  I'm thinking childbirth would be a really good example!  LOL!!!  How exhausting is it to be in labor for 24 hours, pop out a child, then start to hemorrhage so severe that you have to go into surgery?  Talk about pain that saps every single ounce of energy in your entire system?  I've been there, experienced that!

I really do understand that excess sugar damages veins.  As well as nerve endings, organs, etc.  I completely understand that it's not providing him with the energy he needs.  I know exactly where his lethargy comes from.

The difference is, he does not do what he is supposed to do.  He is a seriously non-compliant diabetic who eats whatever he wants, refuses to do any type of exercise, is in his chair or on his bed most of the day.

I do understand that diabetes is never behind you.  Trust me.  It is right here every single solitary day - right in my face - whether I want it or not - and I do not have this disease.  However, I have to live with the outcome of a diabetic who does not care to take care of himself.

When something goes "wrong" with my body, I will research the internet to see what I should do.  If it says to see a doctor - I go.  If there is a problem, I follow my physician's orders to the letter.  I don't play around with health.

Which is probably what makes it so incredibly difficult to live with someone who refuses to do what the doctor orders, who has basically given up on life and is just coasting until the next major crisis.  Personally, I think he is going blind.  He is having more and more of these optical migraines where he can't see.  He just goes to bed.  One of these days, his vision will not return and I have no idea what will happen then.

And I do understand the depression.  The fact that there is no hope.  The fact that you never really know (especially when you are noncompliant) when you will have a sugar crash, start acting like an idiot, drive off the side of the road.....I live on the other side of this 24/7.  I have to be the nurse, the person who is alert all the time.  I never get a break.  I do not get relief from the constant knowledge that he is constantly depressed.  That being said, I am really tired of being his cheerleader, making sure he eats a solid meal....all the things that go with living with a diabetic.

I am tired of watching the impact of what is happening to him because he doesn't take care of himself.

To another writer - if you've read my blog as you state, then you would know that I do not promote anyone else's products.  Comments are not the place to put your "ad".  And I find it comical that you would try.  Besides, we have extremely good insurance that covers everything you mentioned - so no need for us to look elsewhere.  :)

I did have a wonderful 6 day reprieve when I flew to give a presentation at a conference.  Being in the hotel, walking all over the city, exploring coffee houses and art venues - it was refreshing.  I even read a book!  Sort of makes you want to run away full time!  :)


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