Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From Wife of a Diabetic 2

Here's a note from Tom's Wife:

Hi DW, I had a major computer problem and in the recovery process, I lost access to my blog. Google tells me it is not recoverable -- no one can access it at all any more! :( So I am requesting that you post this the next time you are on line (its a good thing that's not very often anymore because your life has changed for the better!) I don't know if I am going to create a new blog now. Tom's health is good, mine is getting better and the blog is not as important to me as it once was. (I am guessing the same for you) Do you find it interesting that there are more options for people today than when you started? I am ever grateful for your blog. it helped me understand that I was not alone. I wish you all the best and will check in with you from time to time in the future if you even look at this. Take care, Tom's Wife

Dear Tom's Wife,

Have you checked your blog today because I can see it and read it just fine.  I think sometimes Google has a "glitch" and in a few days things get back to normal - if google has a "normal".  LOL!!!

My life has changed for the better.  I am having a busy summer gardening.  The flowers are gorgeous and digging in dirt if very therapeutic.   The rain comes and the weeds grow even faster.  I have figured out "tune radio" and carry music in my pocket all day long.      Hubby is still living with his father.  I am no longer sure who is taking care of who in that situation. 

 In September, hubby will have been on disability for 2 years and he will go on Medicare.  He called the other day asking if his Social Security was going to end in September.  He was very concerned.  And confused.  I simply couldn't comprehend why he was asking me this question and then I realized that he must be in a sugar low.  It's pretty hard to recognize them via phone.

He spends most of his days lying in bed watching TV.  He does take his father to his medical appointments and they continue to try to port his dad for dialysis - which his father is refusing.  He is sort of the opposite kind of diabetic, very tiny man, all skin and bones.  I am simply grateful that I am not there having to live with 2 generations of diabetes.

I agree, there are many more options these days.  There are many more resources.  There are numerous support groups.  However, some of the same antiquated thoughts still exist.....that the healthy spouse should take care of the non-compliant spouse to the extent that we "manage" their disease.  The "guilt" that a non-compliant diabetic tries to impose on their spouse.  The "denial" people have about calling this a "disease".....the list is endless.  Some things never change.  

Yet no matter how much "support" one can receive, I still believe writing your personal story, sharing your personal experience, putting your thoughts down into words....that's what heals a healthy spouse.  :o)


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