Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Time flies

Hard to believe that nearly 3 months have passed and I haven't blogged.  Life is very good.  I am busy with my gardening.  Busy with my sisters.  Hubby says he wants to come for a visit in August or October...he's still a thousand miles away staying with his dad.  Hard to believe he's been on disability for 2 years and now we start the process of getting him on a Medicare plan that will pay for his humulin r u 500 concentrated.  About $431 per month for the cheapest plan in his state.  I'd like to get him something there so he can get labs done locally.   Lots of research to do next week.

Sort of my life at the moment...if it's not digging in the can wait til next week!!!

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TomsWife said...

Hi DW, I had a major computer problem and in the recovery process, I lost access to my blog. Google tells me it is not recoverable -- no one can access it at all any more! :(

So I am requesting that you post this the next time you are on line (its a good thing that's not very often anymore because your life has changed for the better!)

I don't know if I am going to create a new blog now. Tom's health is good, mine is getting better and the blog is not as important to me as it once was. (I am guessing the same for you)

Do you find it interesting that there are more options for people today than when you started? I am ever grateful for your blog. it helped me understand that I was not alone. I wish you all the best and will check in with you from time to time in the future if you even look at this.

Take care,

Tom's Wife