Friday, April 27, 2012

Pulling weeds

Today is day 4 of walking 2 miles in the mornings.  It is helping.  After I got home I went to the back yard and started pulling weeds.  A gentle rain overnight helped soften the ground, but they were still quite tough.  It got me to thinking.  Perhaps I've allowed too many weeds to enter my life and I've been lax in trimming them back.

You know how weeds can vine around almost any plant and strangle them?  I think there's been some of that going on in my life and I got lax and just let them grow and take over.

So it felt good to be outside, to be pulling weeds, to be cleaning out my flower beds.

Our AC went out.  So I'm now keeping the windows open.  I hear the birds.  I feel the wind.  I smell "outside" - not closed up house.  It's putting life back into my soul and I just love it.

Of course, hubby hates it.  He wants to spend $3000 and get the AC fixed. When we are moving?  I don't think so!!!

He is finally completely and totally out of money.  I sat down with him and showed him what I have left til I get my next check on the 1st.  This is too much for him.  He simply walked out of the room.  I have no idea how he is going to live on "poor".  I was raised on it, so I'm just fine.  He wants to go to the movies and dinner with friends on Saturday.  We can go, but do we really want to spend that much money on dinner and movies???   I don't!  Especially when there's nothing I really want to see.

Put a smile on my face.  And this is really just short term.  Until his retirement check starts to arrive.  We'll be fine, then.  And we have plenty in the bank, but if he touches it once, it will all be gone.  To we are going to leave that alone and live on my retirement until his starts.  A good lesson for him.  I hope he stays awake or he will be the next weed I pull in my garden!  LOL!!!

DW - finding things to smile about hour by hour.


Lilly said...

Oh dear . . . you might want to SERIOUSLY consider moving most of your assets into just your name, if that's possible! Otherwise, it could disappear, and then what would you do? I have done poor as well for most of my life, but I think people who have NOT just don't know how to do it, and don't have a clue.

I have been (fearfully) checking back on your last post to find out what your results were. I really do hope you are okay.



Lilly said...

By the way, good for you that you are communing with nature. That can be such a healing thing to do. Be good to yourself . . .