Saturday, March 17, 2012


JSmith wrote:

I would like to make some observations. So your going to have to take care of 2 ppl instead of one? Mom must be in her 80's.. I hope and will pray that you do find a nice place ( with 2 bathrooms). Personally I would move to seattle or somewhere on the west coast (beach front). Where locals dont know what snow is... you know it does not hurt to look around, you might find a great deal.
Thanks, JS.

Actually, the way I'm looking at this, I'll have way less work and more diversions!!!  I have 2 sisters living close to mom, and they will be there to help me as well.  When I need to catch a breather, I can pop over to visit any/all of them.  I've already found a small cottage I really like.  3 bed/2bath and walking distance to mom's retirement home.  (no gas!)

Funny, one of the places hubby always wanted to live was up in the NW.  We have visited there often as his son used to live up there.  I'd love to live on a houseboat!  Now, that would force us to downsize!!  LOL!!!  I used to live near the ocean - at least I had an ocean view - and it was wonderful!  But for us, being close to family is what's important these days.

Things are going quite well.  The house is showing like crazy.  We sold his truck.  We do not need 3 vehicles!  In fact, we are going to try to get down to just 1 and then after the move, maybe by a small car just for running errands.  I think with gas going up more and more will be doing the same thing.

I'm continuing to pack like crazy.  We packed up most of his office yesterday and need to finish that today.  After another showing this morning!  The pace is keeping his glucose high.  But he is scheduling another round of doctor's visits.  And I think we just keep on this path, packing, downsizing, sorting...until the house sells and we will then hire someone to move us out.

I'm planning on taking a long break once we are moved.  We will have earned it, that's for sure!!!

For now, he is doing just fine.  He got over the denial/anger and is moving on to putting the pieces together, making plans for the future.  I never thought we would be moving from this house and I am excited to get us downsized and into a one level before it's "too late".


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