Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moving along

We listed the house today. Have started packing, sorting, downsizing. Put the horrible awful, jacked up odd-road truck up for sale. yeah!!! Scares me to death to ride in it when his sugars are normal!!!

He's depressed. Refusing to contact his doctors. Wants to die.

I'm being the ever optimistic wife, cheering him on, reassuring him, telling him it will be ok. Which is exhausting. I don't know how long I can do this, but I am taking it one hour at a time, hoping to progress back to one day at a time.

It's also no problem keeping so busy sorting thru stuff. I'd love nothing better than for the house to sell in a week....I'd call a goodwill truck to come get everything!!

We have agreed to buy a tiny cottage close enough to mom so we can help her out. It will mean all new doctors and perhaps a new opinion might be a good change.

Hubby hates moving more than anything in life. So he isn't doing much to make this easy. But if he isn't going to work, we sure can't afford to live here!!!

If he stays this depressed and doesn't get help, how long will he survive?

He finally called his son tonight and told him. The 28 year old's, why don't you get another job? I know his only concern is that the lavish gifts will end. And they will!!! It upset me that he didn't think that hid dad deserved to retire!!

Pray that the house sells quickly so we can get moved before the summer heat sets in.



JSmith said...

I would like to make some observations. So your going to have to take care of 2 ppl instead of one? Mom must be in her 80's..

I hope and will pray that you do find a nice place ( with 2 bathrooms). Personally I would move to seattle or somewhere on the west coast (beach front).

Where locals dont know what snow is... you know it does not hurt to look around, you might find a great deal.

Lilly said...

I'm excited for you. You are FINALLY getting out of that house, and closer to family. I wish you all the best!