Monday, March 05, 2012

Filing for Disability

Well, it's been a week and he has his head screwed on a little better.  LOL!!!  On that first day, he was applying for jobs like crazy.  But the more we talked about what he can no longer do.....he finally got it that he had it made with this job.  Any other job, he will have to return to travel status, work on a campus, and I honestly do not think he can walk the long corridors at the facility.

So that got us to talking about applying for disability.  Why are men so resistant to that word "disability"?  But I think he's now over that hump and we are moving forward and on his last day of work, we will start that process.  At his age, with all of his medical conditions, he is simply not going to find a job that he can do.  I think it's been a pretty good trial.  He's been back to work for about about 10 months now....and they were extremely good about letting him work from home, work flex time.....and I know he could not sit in an office chair for 40 hours a week, or go back to travel.

Life is such an adventure.

He goes from being deeply and darkly depressed to being just normal depressed.  Hard to get a smile out of him.  He has the old school mentality where he considers being laid off the same as being "fired".  I tried so hard today to explain to him that it's not longer that way.  This was simply a numbers game and has nothing to do with his performance.  It really is heart-wrenching to watch him suffer so much.

Next up, I have to get him to go visit all his doctors.  It's going to be a very long week.  :o)


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Lilly said...

Hugs to you. We deal with so much, and then comes depression, which affects us as well, whether it is ours, or our hubby's. Hope that his disability retirement goes as well as it possibly can, for both of you.

Take care,