Monday, February 27, 2012


His boss called him this morning and told him that he was being laid off.

His last day is the end of next month.

He is beyond devastated.  In tears.  He is taking it personally and it's a numbers game for his company.

All I can do is comfort him and support him.  He is not alone.  3 other managers in his department were hit as well.  The common factor was that they all 4 qualify for early optional retirement.  He just doesn't want to be forced into retirement.

Frankly, I'm so surprised this didn't happen 3 years ago.  I had advised him to go to HR and sign up under Americans with Disabilities Act.  He did not do that.  He has already applied for 3 other management positions internally today.  And I know he will need to go through the grief process.  No speedy decisions. But it does sort of put our life in limbo.


Anonymous said...

Oh no!
Yes, you have been expecting this for awhile!
but that doesn't make it any less devastating for him -- or you!
There are so many impacts of losing his job -- we'll be watching to see what happens next
good luck!

sar said...

I am so sorry. One related theme seems to be noncompliant diabetic and loss of job/ and or ability to earn an income. Companies do not want them with their lurid medical histories and fear of them upping the cost of health insurance and or injury/ death on job.

I hoope you have health insurance available to you as part of a group after he is laid off. COBRA costs a fortune and so does non group coverage. I know the hard way.

JSmith said...

IMHO you need to be proactive in this and plan some stuff out because applying for internal jobs with a company that just laid you off is not going to work.

He can retire and depending on what he does maybe contract out or get a job with a rival company if he wants to keep working.

The other thing to consider is the reason people get old and retire is because god is sending you guys a message. " It's time to slow down and smell the flowers and enjoy creation."

You work all your life to retire, No matter what income you will or will not have does not matter. The cost to go outside is free!! and lets not talk about the snow... lol

This is just a walkin the park for you! TTYL John