Thursday, December 22, 2011

He is so on edge

and I'm pretty sure it's from the constant high sugars.  Everything upsets him.  Yesterday, I didn't say "good morning", but started out my day by letting him know I was running to the post office.  He came completely unglued because I didn't say "good morning" first thing.  Not his typical behavior at all.

Today, he wanted to follow me around the grocery store.  He has not done that in 3 years.  He always sits in the chair and waits for me to finish.  Today, he bought everything in sight.  Literally.  I finally had to ask him to go sit and wait for me....and then I started putting thing back on the shelves!!!

The past couple of weeks have been like this.  Everything seems to upset him.  News.  Weather.  He just gets mad at the drop of a pin.  I've been very quiet, not saying much of anything.

But on the opposite end of the spectrum, he's been putting in movies that I like.  He never does that.  He hates chick flicks...but he's been asking me what I want to watch (not typical behavior either.)

I'm just making my observations.  The other weird thing is his body heat.  He has been hot this winter. He keeps turning the thermostat down and I turn it up.  He sleeps in his shorts with no blankets while I'm bundled up in jammies and a heavy blanket.  Completely different from past winters.

I feel like there's a time bomb ticking in him and it's going to explode any minute....but then it doesn't.  It's just that "feeling" is there all the time - he's that much on edge.


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