Friday, December 23, 2011

He can't stop

Tonight he ate a 1 pound of box of specialty chocolates after lunch and dinner at restaurants.

All I can do is pray.


holidaze89 said...

That is really all we can do.
I am just watching my dh just rot in the chair will not take sugar levels, barely takes meds.
Thinking of calling doctor up he acts as if he has given up
Would you suggest calling dr

Diabeteswife said...

With the insurance that we have, due to privacy consideration, I could not call his doctor. His doctor could not talk to me about him. So I went with him to an appointment and the doc and I convinced him to sign an authorization so that the doctor could talk to me. We have since done that with all of his specialists.

My logic is that if he goes into a sugar coma...I NEED to be able to communicate with his physicians.

So yes, I would contact his doctor. He could be going through a bout of depression and maybe all he needs is medication. If you can get him to go see the doctor, that's probably best. But again, it all depends on your insurance how much the doctor can tell you.