Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is he thinking?

Today at lunch, he said that he is going to call his parents this evening and see if they will consider moving here.  What the heck???

They are 78 years old.  With more physical problems that I can begin to list.  His dad is a diabetic.  His mom is blind in one eye....and I KNOW they need help.  But he is not even able to take care of himself.....why does he want them to move here???

I know he feels guilty about not seeing them.  It's a 15 hour drive to their house.  Far away enough that this is a different climate and altitude from what they are used to.

They absolutely hate me beyond words....for a multitude of reasons.....the main one being that I won't move to where they live!

This may be a ploy to keep from selling this house and moving 3 hours from here to help take care of my mom.  If I tell him he can't move his parents here, then he can refuse to move closer to my mom.  So, I suggested that we buy a duplex close to my mom and move his parents into the other half.  Well....that would never work as it's too far from his grandkids.

The grandkids that he sees twice a year!

He is absolutely not thinking this one through.  I'm praying that his parents tell him they won't move.  If they agree, it will be the end of this marriage for sure.   I have visions of "Everybody Loves Raymond" if they agree to move!  LOLOL!!!

I suppose it could be a good thing.  If they agree to move here, then I will just up and move to where my mom lives using the same's time I take care of her.  She's 3 years older than his parents and deserves our help much more than they do.  If he won't move all of us to her town....I see no reason to stay put.

But I'm sure he didn't hear any of that in our conversation today!  So all I can do is pray they tell him "no".

I even asked him what would happen if he took a turn for the worse and couldn't help them.  He said it would be no worse for them than where they are now.  Really?  They have lived in their home for over 40 years and he wants to uproot them, move them all this distance, and thinks it will be no worse for them???

Proof he's not really thinking about anyone except himself at this point.

DW - exhausted


Lilly said...

Wow. All I can see happening is that YOU would end up taking care of THEM if they moved, and you stayed! Or is that his plan? By all means, put your well-being and your mother's needs first.


tomswife said...

Sorry, I have to laugh -- DW! You are forgetting the BIG IDEA! Have him move in with his parents! Let his mommy and daddy take care of him! they can all be together and leave you alone -- you move near your mom and live happily ever after!

yes, I am poking a bit of fun -- but sometimes we just forget that we have a sense of humor when our husbands act like babies yet again!

I hope you get some sleep soon.

Tom's Wife